Where to purchase our images


At present  our images are represented by several Agencies throughout the world.  Alamy Images is our lead agency as they house all 75,000 + images.  In addition they have direct linking for you to search out your image needs.  Pricing and leasing is found by clicking on a thumbnail image where a new, expanded window is presented with price, size, payment, and delivery choices.

 We offer both RF (Royalty Free) and L (Traditional Licensed) images in most subject areas.

 Licensing explained here.

If you cannot find the exact image your are looking for we are available to do it on assignment.  This can be done in a timely manner. 

 Additionally, images can be purchased directly from us at a discounted rate.  We will need the Alamy reference number when quoting prices.

 Please contact us for pricing or additional information.


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Agencies Representing
MacDonald Photography

Alamy Images
London, UK

Getty Images
New York, City

AGE Fotostock
Barcelona, Spain

Photri Photo Stock
Fairfax, VA

PhotoEdit Inc.
Costa Mesa, CA